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Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA) And Visualization

In Brief You will find the best dissertation research areas / topics for future researchers enrolled in Computer Science & Information. In order to identify the future research topics, we have reviewed the computer science (recent peer-reviewed studies) on Data Analysis. Process of finding and identifying the meaning of data. Main advantage of visual representations is to discover, […]

2020 Researchable Dissertation Topics In Digital Imaging

Brief Digital imaging is one of the important dissertation topics in the year 2020. Digital imaging is the creation of digital images, such as the physiological scene or an object’s internal structure Digital imaging used in the medical field, Video processing, image sharpening and restoration, Remote sensing, Color processing, Transmission and encoding, Robot vision, Microscopic […]

A Critical Review On Adversarial Attacks On Intrusion Detection Systems

Engineering & Technology A critical review on Adversarial Attacks on Intrusion Detection Systems September 27, 2019 In Brief Deep Learning is a major leap forward in terms of technology, however they are easily susceptible to Adversarial attacks Adversarial attacks are a major problem to Intrusion Detection Systems since they are difficult to implement. It is […]

Blockchain Technology And Its Potential Applications: Future Research Potential

Blockchain Remember the classic ‘snake’ game in the cell phones of the 2000s (or even in YouTube of the slow internet era)? Remember how the snake increases one unit in size for every point it takes? Now consider, that the increase is a record of information, that is secure and can’t be modified and that […]

Most Important Big Data Analytical Tools For Researchers

Big data analytics is the process used for interpreting large data which includes market trends, hidden patterns, customer requirements and other details which deems useful for organizations to make clear business decisions. The term used for the collection of large data sets that are very huge and complex is called big data. This type of […]

Building An Effective Machine Learning Algorithms For Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): How To Best Select The Dataset And Sizes For Building IDS Models

Engineering & Technology Cloud computing  Building an Effective Machine Learning Algorithms for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): How to Best Select the dataset and sizes for building IDS Models RESEARCH REPORT View Full Report In Brief The size of the IDS dataset is a major factor in the performance of machine learning (ML) applications. The amount […]